Roka Gaia Al Andalus Shona

Name: Roka Gaia Al Andalus “ Shona”

Color: Red wheaten

Sex: Female.

Born: 29\04\2004 Durban South Africa.

Mather: Roka Mbebe

Father: Glenaholm Judge of Lionhunt.
Breeder: Mr Vl Hendry
Owner: Carlotta Battaglia


Character:Shona is 9 years old and she is our founder. She grew up with sunshine and hot weather and she feels the cold more than any other dog of the family.

Getting her out of the house in winter is tragedy! She simply adore lying in the sun and enjoys long trips by car.

She is very loving nevertheless she commands respect.

To seek your attention she pushes her muzzle under your arm.


pedigree shona



Shona is mom of 3 litters

Litter A, Litter S, Litter M