Who we are

It all started when we were living in Johannesburg in South Africa, where we got to know the RR (Rhodesian ridgeback) breed, through our first dog, Jolly , and it was love at first sight.

A few years later we moved to Harare, in Zimbabwe, where we took up breeding RRs, and started our breeding  which we called “MONSERRATO”. We became very close friends with Sam and Margaret Wallace, who are, as everybody concerned with breeding RRs knows, among the best known breeders and connoisseurs of this amazing breed. It was through our close friendship with Margaret, that we came to know Mrs. Sanky, who was also running one of the best known breeding  in this part of the world, in Bulawayo, and who provided us with a dog and a bitch, brother and sister, whom we called UMVUCHA UM DOMI "Tunia" and UMVUCHA UM ZUCA "Ulisse". This was how we started breeding RRs again. We had four litters. The year 2000, as everybody remembers, was when everything started to collapse in Zimbabwe, and it was obviously essential for us to leave the country. 

However, the civil strife reached such a level that the rioters ended up attacking farms.

One tragic night the rioters attacked our farm and killed our dogs.

It was a great shock for us. It was then only in 2002 when we went to Tripoli, Libya, where, thanks to my brother who had remained in South Africa all this time, that we acquired an RR, Roka Gaia Al Andalus, originally from Durban, whom we called Shona. Clearly, while we were living in Libya it was impossible to show Shona in any dog shows, but we made a commitment that once we were back in Italy we would make all our dreams come true, and indeed this was how it turned out.

Our choice was dictated by our wish to continue working with the South African strain.

Our love for this breed indescribable! We have never stopped loving them and we never will.

Carlotta & Gianni.