This page is dedicated to all the owners of our puppies! Who created a wonderful relationship with their Ridgebacks and children!
Very often when we receive phone calls from people interested in starting  a life with a Rhodesian ..

We always get the usual question!

"We have small children could it  be a problem?"
Keep in mind that there are no aggressive dogs... But  irresponsible owners!! Who have failed to take care of their pets!.
A Recent research conducted by the prestigious British magazine
 “British Medical Journal
has reviewed the problem of dog aggression towards people.

For the first time, however, the problem has been approached from the point of view of the animal.
If we behave in the wrong way we make them dangerous!

In particular, the study aims on the importance of the education of  children who are most at risk of bites
, not so much by a stranger dog but their own home dog, who may feel threatened while eating or resting.

therefore it is necessary to adopt good  rules in order that your child and your dog live together,
peacefully and without danger. "